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Best Emerging Award

1. IDS - International Dimension in Schools programme supported schools that were committed to embedding international awareness and global citizenship within their school curriculum and processes. IDS encouraged this by supporting schools in completing collaborative, curriculum-based work with a number of international partner schools and the involvement of the wider community. Over the last fourteen years, more than 2500 schools have successfully completed this journey and developed new ways to embed international education in their schools.SRV International School got accreditation for IDS in 2022.

2. Thrilled to share that the school has been awarded the prestigious title of "Best Stand-alone School of the Year" at the National Educational Brilliance Awards 2022. This award acknowledges the school's outstanding achievements in the field of education, including exceptional teaching acumen, continued dedication, and contribution to the betterment of education. The award underscores the hard work and commitment of the staff, teachers, and students, who have consistently pursued excellence and a passion for learning. It also validates the school's vision and mission to provide high-quality education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills among students.

3. The state-level Drawing Competition - 2022, one of the most prestigious art competitions, was held on August 10 th, 2022. Among the many talented artists who participated in the competition, two individuals stood out, and they were awarded the Best Drawing Award. SRV International School is proud to have produced such talented students and is honoured to acknowledge the accomplishments of Sai Sarvesh of Grade 4 and Pravasthi of Grade 2, for their exceptional skills and creativity. Their success is a testament to the school's commitment to providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for its students to explore their interests and develop their skills. The school has been awarded “Best School to Promote Art” by Third Generation - Platform for Creative Students.

4. The school is registered as the Cambridge International Centre by the Cambridge Assessment International Education, as the 1st Cambridge International school in Namakkal district. The school is affiliated to offer all the 4 Cambridge programmes of Primary, Lower secondary, Upper secondary and Cambridge Advanced. Currently the school is offering the Cambridge upper secondary - Cambridge IGCSE programme for students of grade 9 and 10.

5. Thrilled to announce that the 1st batch of the Cambridge O level Tamil examination was successfully conducted in April, and it's a matter of pride to share that one of the students, Rithikaa Thirugnanam, emerged as the top scorer in the exam. The results were announced in August, and it's delightful to share that she scored an impressive A* grade with 91% in the exam.

6. The results of the first batch of Cambridge IGCSE were announced in June 2023. The candidates appeared for the February-March 2023 series. It was a 100% result for the school with an average A grade. One of the students bagged A* in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English.

7. Additionally, an Overbooked Competition, a prestigious National level event, provided students with a platform to exhibit their remarkable literary prowess and boundless creativity through diverse writing and storytelling activities. Victors of this competition: Mithra L A – Grade 3 and Akshayan – Grade 4.

8. On September 30th 2022, a National Drawing and Handwriting Competition was successfully conducted. Among the participants, Darshan, of Grade 7, showcased an exceptional performance and was recognized as the best performer in the school-level competition. The winners are Liyazhini – EY1, Nila – EY 2, Nehasree – Grade 9, Sangamesh – Grade 7, Joshitha – Grade 5, Rithusree – Grade 4, Abinav – Grade 9, Tanmi Midhunya – Grade 3, Kanishik – Grade 2, Enbasree – Grade 6, and Karthiga – Grade 2.

9. The Knowledge Institute of Technology organised the Knowledge Fest - 2K22, in which students from Grade 8 and 9 participated with great enthusiasm. Among the participants, Nehashree from Grade 8 exhibited exceptional skills and knowledge and emerged as the shining star award winner.

10. The BookEinstein Letter to Santa activity was a creative and engaging task assigned to the learners, where they had the opportunity to write letters to Santa Claus. The activity encouraged our students to express their thoughts and wishes in a fun and imaginative way, while also honing their writing skills. The learners enthusiastically participated in the activity and crafted heartfelt letters, showcasing their creativity and literary abilities.

11. The school participated in a Literature Fair organized by the Young India Team from Salem, aimed at fostering a love for reading among children and urging them to explore diverse genres and authors. Learners engaged enthusiastically, immersing themselves in a variety of books and expressing their insights through creative avenues that extended beyond digital means. Students demonstrated ingenuity and critical thinking through inventive methods, with evaluations conducted by a panel of judges who assessed content, innovation, and presentation prowess. This event marked a significant triumph, providing students with valuable exposure to public speaking, collaboration, and a heightened appreciation for literature. Notably, students excelled across various categories, with the following winners: Category 1 (Grade 1&2) - Dhilin Krishna and Varshitha, Category 2 (Grade 3&4) - Hayatii and Sai Sahana, Category 3 (Grade 5&6) - Darkshith, Category 4 (Grade 7&12) - Darshan.

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