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Connections and Reflection

SRV International School is dedicated to fostering real-life connections through inquiry-based learning. By integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the curriculum, students are encouraged to explore and address global challenges authentically. Through this approach, the school nurtures a deep understanding of the SDGs and equips students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to make a meaningful impact in the world.

In the Unit of Inquiry, student self-reflection plays a pivotal role. It empowers students to introspect and evaluate their learning journey, identifying strengths, areas for growth, and personal connections to the subject matter. Through self-reflection, students develop metacognitive skills, fostering a deeper understanding of their own learning process and promoting a sense of ownership over their education. This practice cultivates lifelong learning habits and enhances their ability to apply knowledge meaningfully.

In the Unit of Inquiry, teacher reflection is a fundamental aspect of reflection to feed forward. Teachers critically assess the effectiveness of the teaching-learning strategies, curriculum design, and student engagement methods. This introspective process enables them to refine their approaches, adapt to students' needs, and enhance the overall learning experience. By analyzing outcomes, and identifying successes, and areas for improvement, teachers continually evolve their teaching techniques, ensuring that each Unit of Inquiry optimally nurtures students' intellectual growth and inquiry skills

At the conclusion of a unit, parent reflection provides a valuable perspective on their child's educational journey. Parents assess their child's progress, the unit's impact on their understanding, and the relevance of the content. This insight informs parents about their child's development, allowing for informed discussions and support at home. Parent reflections also foster a deeper connection to the school's curriculum, encouraging collaborative learning and reinforcing the significance of the educational partnership between home and school.

SRV International School's Learner Profile Day, brought together parents, IB PYP, and Cambridge International students in a celebration of holistic development. Through engaging activities and discussions, we strengthened the Learner Profile attributes, nurturing global perspectives and lifelong learning. The event truly exemplified our commitment to cultivating inquisitive, open-minded, and compassionate individuals. Together, we inspire international-mindedness while nurturing skills for a dynamic world.

Student Led conferences at SRV International School hold vital importance as they empower students to actively engage in their learning. By presenting their progress and goals to parents, students develop communication skills and ownership of their education. This approach fosters self-reflection, encouraging metacognition and strategic thinking. SLCs strengthen the school-home partnership, enabling parents to better support their child's growth. Ultimately, SLCs motivate students, enhance accountability, and promote a holistic understanding of their development.

The PYP Exhibition at SRV International School bears great importance as it signifies the culmination of Primary Years Programme learning. Through in-depth research and project creation, students apply skills and knowledge acquired during their PYP journey. This event fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and communication abilities. It encourages exploration of real-world issues, cultivating global-mindedness and active citizenship. The Exhibition celebrates student agency, showcasing their growth as independent learners prepared for further academic challenges.

Student reflections are shared with the learning community through SRV International School's Joy Of Sharing (JOS) holds immense importance. They provide insights into individual learning experiences, strategies, and personal growth. This practice cultivates a culture of transparency, collaboration, and mutual support among students, teachers, and parents. By showcasing achievements and challenges, it inspires collective learning and encourages others to benefit from shared knowledge. JOS reflections foster a sense of belonging, motivation, and continuous improvement within the school community.

SRV International School proudly presents "Aakam” - Personal Project, an innovative initiative empowering students to probe into their passions. Aakam invites students to explore their interests through comprehensive research, encompassing the stages of inquiry and meaningful reflection or impactful action. This visionary project is designed to enrich content, fostering a dynamic learning environment that nurtures curiosity and drives personal growth.