Sharing the planet

Education should involve equipping students for uncertainties. SRV International School provides its students with experiences that can help them face the unexpected times with presence of mind and preparedness.

Corona Precautions :

SRV International School took an initiative to create awareness among its students on the recent global threat, Corona Virus. Dr. M. Vijayakumar, Managing Director of Manickam hospital, addressed the students and teachers in a one-hour session to help them understand the causes and effects of the virus attack. He presented about the spread of the virus and its severity in comparison to other similar viruses of the past. The school community was enlightened by the session which replaced their fear with knowledge about the virus and preventive practices.

Fire drill :

Preparedness is not a talent to be hailed but a life skill to be attained. SRV International School conducted a fire drill to educate the school community. A danger alarm alerted the students, teachers and other staff who evacuated the building immediately through different exits. The PE department demonstrated the usage of fire extinguishers to the gathering. The entire school community was benefited with an understanding of different types of fire, causes and ways to extinguish them. They also gained an insight on different types of extinguishers. The session was informative to the students who were eager to pass on the message to their families as well.

Learning on Pollution :

Grade 3 learners had the opportunity to reflect and take action to enhance their understanding and learning on pollution. They took a small step to make a huge difference in the world. Grade 3 explorers went to the Rasipuram dump yard and Vennadur Lake to gain first-hand experience on the causes and effects of pollution. They also collected information on the people's perspective on pollution and tried to create an awareness of pollution to the people they met. Added to their learning, they also tried their hands-on fishing in the lake. It was a joyful experience for the learners.

Foldscope Workshop :

Learners of SRV International School had an interactive session with Dr.Mahima on foldscope. The learners were excited to know about the innovation that could be used as a handy microscope to magnify tiny organisms to 2000 times their original size. The session also kindled the learner's interest in scientific research, giving us hope that little scientists are budding.