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Good coordination, well-planned learning, and a focus on educating children to inquire independently. Learning is based on experience and experimentation rather than solely relying on books. Proud to be SRVIS Parent.


Parent of D.Geethasri, D.Shree Hari Adarsh


SRVIS not only focuses on improving my son’s areas of need but also really puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and warm environment. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic challenges, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges. I am so pleased.


Parent Of Yohit Dev S

Dr.Suresh B

I choose this school for my son M.Nithilan with an expectation of giving him the best possible education as well as exposure to extra curricular activities. The learning experiences are beyond my expectations. I noticed that he has become more imaginative, disciplined and curious while doing all his activities. I really appreciate the way teachers encourage kids to speak and interact with them and not to be afraid of them.


Parent of M.Nithilan

K.Salai Senthuram

We are very happy with SRVIS. The methods adopted for learning are intuitive. Our son is very happy to attend school and this itself is a testimony to how good the school is. Not just academics, but we are also happy with physical education, music, dance, cricket and football sessions at school which are also a part of the curriculum. They have a very good teacher-to-student ratio and this ensures that the kids have the required attention. Overall, we are very happy with our decision to have chosen SRVIS for our son.


Parent Of S.Satvik


To my exploration, SRVIS is the only international standard school in Namakkal district. The management, faculties and the curriculum help everyone who needs international standard education for their child. I can feel the development of my child’s knowledge in just 6 months.


Parent of Yugan T

Thangaraj N V

First of all, I would like to thank the school for accepting the parents feedback. I am grateful to all teachers for their hard work, attention and concern on each and every students. For the eight years my son K.Darshan is studying in SRV International School, so personally I can see skill and knowledge improvement in my son. Exploring and learning new things is happening in the school. Proud to be a part of SRVIS.


Parent of K.Darshan


My son has been studying at SRVIS for almost 8 years, and I am incredibly proud of his development, which I attribute to the dedicated and professional teaching system at SRVIS. As a parent, it brings me immense joy to see that my son's knowledge surpasses my own. The full support provided by the SRVIS team has been invaluable, and I am confident that the SRVIS education system will help shape my son into a shining star in the future. I want to extend my special thanks to the SRVIS team. We will continue to support your efforts to excel.


Parent of Sachin Saravanan

Anitha Saravanan

My daughter, Vidhur Aashna.V, has flourished at SRV International School. The institution's focus on fostering good communication skills has been instrumental in her development. It's truly a happy place that offers numerous opportunities to boost children's confidence through a holistic educational approach. Events such as the heartwarming Grandparents Day celebration are highly commendable. I appreciate the strong emphasis on discipline, humanity, and life skills, which are molding her into a better human.


Parent of Vidhur Aashna V

Vinodh krishnan J

Very good effort by the school management for the development in each child.


Parent of Sanjana

Shyam sundar

It's a place where children come to discover themselves and grow accordingly, fostering greater self-responsibility in students.


Parent of Nehashree C


The school's commitment to both academic excellence and character development has exceeded our expectations. It's been an incredible journey for our family


Parent of M.srinika


The school boasts an excellent team that takes pride in nurturing the students' education and fostering a deep understanding of their learning. Every student who studies at the school, including my child, develops a strong sense of purpose. The extracurricular activities provided here motivate the children and pride to the school. For me, this is the best school in my hometown.


Parent of Aradhya.M

Nithya Manikandan

My daughter has shown significant improvement in her communication and reading skills since joining SRVIS, and credit for this transformation goes to Ms. Sagila from Grade 1. SRVIS has an enthusiastic and dedicated staffs that has played a crucial role in her progress.


Parent Of K H Kavinya


The teaching methodology is excellent in creating a child-friendly atmosphere. Making the concepts clear and easy to understand. The management is also commendable. Thanks to all.


Parent of S.k.sham prasad

Kavitha kannan

She is learning effective communication and how to assist others. She has been developing day by day, progressing through each stage with a strong sense of responsibility.


Parent Of Liyazhini.P

Deepika Prabhakaran

SRVIS has consistently provided encouragement to Shashwath in his career growth. The staff members have been consistently supportive of his academic pursuits, and they have also been a great source of motivation for his sports career.


Parent of A.G.Shashwath


Current educational practices in many schools fall short of true learning, burdening children with unnecessary difficulties and irrelevant knowledge. To foster genuine education, it's preferable to enroll children in schools that prioritize individual needs over rote learning, daily tests, and the peer pressure that can demoralize even the brightest minds. My child is in Grade 1 at SRV International School, and I'm pleased to share our experience. The school environment is well-maintained and conducive to learning. The SRVIS management team deserves commendation for their professionalism in handling requests and queries. Teachers are kind and encourage independent thought and activities, providing space for kids to think and learn. The school's student-first approach includes regular communication with parents, making it an excellent choice for holistic child development, especially for those seeking an International Baccalaureate curriculum and IGCSE in Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu.


Parent of Magilan K

Kanimozhi Kavin

SRVIS is not educating them, nor teaching them something to memorize to get marks. SRVIS guides students in a proper way and also gives them the opportunity and explore on their own with their ability and reflect on it. Kids are well-known for humanity and live as kind-hearted people.

SRVIS is the best school. The IB structure provides the best of its. Also, they are very helpful for the overall development of my cute master. Management, facilitators, and nannies all are taking care of my boy and all kids are like their own children. I hope the upcoming year SRVIS will flourish further and touch the peak of excellence in the education field. We are proud to be a part of the SRVIS family community.


Parent of Akshayan