How SRVIS Works


Stretchup Academy:

Looking at the personal, social, and physical development of the child, sports certainly play a major role. It helps establish peer status and peer acceptance. In addition, it helps to deal with juvenile delinquency, conflicts and aggression outbursts. At SRVIS students learn *Cricket *Volleyball *Athletics and soccer.

Music and Dance:

Learning to read and write is important to children but learning music and dance can be helpful as well. Music helps to develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning and Dance enchanted their creativity and imagination, and ability to critically analyze their own work and the work of others, thus helping them become self-aware and reflective citizens. At SRVIS we provide the choice of learning western and classical dance along with getting trained in numerous musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, and drums.

Visual Arts:

Discover your artistic potential at SRV International School's Visual Arts facility. Our well-equipped studio provides the perfect environment for students to explore various art forms. Our experienced and dedicated full-time teachers guide and inspire young artists on their creative journeys. From painting to sculpture, our facility offers a wide range of artistic expression.

Languages :

English is our medium of instruction. Harnessing the skills of the language opens the opportunity to communicate with many people in the world. We as a community believe that every teacher is a language teacher. Our teachers make use of novel strategies to impart essential language skills.


The classical language of Tamil is the pride of our state. Our experienced Tamil language teachers imbibe the language skills and inspire the students to follow the moral values acquired through reading the works of Tamil literature.

Hindi :

We deem it essential to impart knowledge on the widest spoken language of the country. The school has skilled Hindi language teachers who help the students gain expertise in a language that is new yet essential to them.

French :

One of the most spoken languages in 2020, French is the language in which non-native speakers outnumber native speakers. It is a widely learned language in the world due to its simple script. SRVIS imparts the French language as an added advantage to the students, making them equipped for the language of the future.

SRV International School proudly presents "Aakam” - Personal Project, an innovative initiative empowering students to probe into their passions. Aakam invites students to explore their interests through comprehensive research, encompassing the stages of inquiry and meaningful reflection or impactful action. This visionary project is designed to enrich content, fostering a dynamic learning environment that nurtures curiosity and drives personal growth.

Information and Communication Technology:

To empower the teaching and learning process we have an excellent ICT lab. ICT is just not the bloom of educational activities; it will be the secondary option to improve the effective and meaningful educational process. Thus, our students will have the opportunity to go along with the current requirements of the world.

Science Lab :

The Science laboratory is a well-equipped place that encourages students to experience the Science concepts with technological devices. Students can conduct experiments to build a concrete understanding of the concepts explored. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories function according to the IGCSE standards to provide practical opportunities for students to appreciate scientific concepts.

Library :

The library provides a range of book choices to develop a love for reading. There are ample resource books that involve students in inquiring and finding information. It also provides an opportunity to read or listen to the audio-visual books.


SRV International School boasts a dedicated Special Education Needs (SEN) facility staffed with full-time, expert teachers. Our committed team ensures personalized, inclusive, and effective education for all students. We create individualized education plans (IEPs) and employ evidence-based strategies to nurture every student's unique learning needs, fostering an inclusive environment where every student can thrive.


SRV International School takes pride in its dining facilities, offering a diverse menu of snacks and lunch options for both students and teachers. We provide nutritious, well-balanced meals that cater to various dietary preferences and needs. We prioritize quality and freshness, ensuring everyone enjoys a satisfying dining experience. Our aim is to foster a healthy and enjoyable environment for the entire school community, promoting well-being and productive learning.


SRV International School offers a comprehensive transportation facility for both students and teachers. Our reliable transport system ensures safe and convenient commuting to and from the school, enhancing accessibility for all. We prioritize the well-being and convenience of our school community, making daily travel hassle-free and secure.