Sharing the planet

Unit reflection

SRV International School focuses on using information and communication technology as a tool in learning. To practice the use of technology in teaching and learning, the learners of Grade 7 and 8 used the Kahoot app to participate in a quiz on components of computer system. The learners were enthusiastic while exploring an app and they were motivated to find more applications to support their learning.

Tiny tots of Grade Reception are learning about "varieties of people in the community play different roles for supporting our life" under the transdisciplinary theme "How we organize ourselves". Learners were taken for a field trip to fire station and post office, to acquire a deeper understanding on the roles of community helpers and they got a glimpse on how worse an emergency situation would be if they are not there to support us.

These little change-makers completed their unit on 'Natural disasters impact people and environment'. They took action in the form of 'advocacy' to publicly support the environmental changes. They were actively involved in the learning community and showing commitment to contributing as individuals and as members of a group.

Enbasree from Grade 3 made connections with her learning on procedural writing during this COVID-19 lock down period. She utilised her time wisely by applying her learning with the real time situations. She has proved the empathetic attitude nurtured in her by making this video to help the society during this crisis.