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News / Events

Sports day:

In SRVIS their students are divides into 4 houses. Aqua,Ignis,Terra and Ventus. The sports day sets the field for champions from various teams and across all grades to battle head to head in order to win the title of winner and bag the gorgeous “Natesan Trophy”.

Annual day:

Annual day forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performance but also receive honour’s for their curricular and co- curricular achievements.


Celebrations are an integral part of our life. It is on these days we connect deeply to our roots and our origins. At SRVIS Celebrations are not just day of fun and frolic but day of learning as well.

Students celebrate events from Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, Bastille Day, Halloween Day, Rakshabandhan, Onam, Christmas, etc., thus understanding the importance of the festivity and the culture linked to it locally and globally.

Graduation day:

An event held to cherish and congratulate the learners of Prep 2 as they move ahead from Early years to Grade 1 and the learners of Grade 5 as they graduate from the PYP program.

Competition: (Art, Rangoli, Sloka, Talent show, Fancy dress, Essay writing, storytelling, Interhouse – Dance and Music competition)

It gave us immense pleasure and joy to see the young learners of SRVIS participating in Rangoli competition. They enjoyed creating rangoli and exploring this aspect of their culture on a blissful theme of “Pongal”.


SRV International School etched its first ever PYP exhibition on Saturday. PYP exhibition is a celebration of the Primary Years Programme and calls for a display of all the skills, attitudes and learner profile attributes nurtured throughout the PYP years. Students of Grade 5 have been working on this for several weeks, building an understanding about food wastage and trying to solve the inequality in the availability of food. The PYP exhibition was titled by the students as 'ANNAM, plenty for some, precious for others'. Students exhibited their learning through charts, models, presentations, drama and dance, bringing an awareness of the impact of food wastage. The day has surely created a difference in the people who visited the exhibition.

Mathematics! Conventionally synonymous to boredom and fear, Math is an essential learning that every human must enjoy. The creative thinkers of SRV International School celebrated Math by exhibiting their conceptual understanding. The day began with commemorating the National Mathematics Day which is to be celebrated on the 22nd of December, the birthday of India's pride, Srinivasa Ramanujam. The learners adopted several ways to display their learning. They demonstrated their understanding through manipulatives and models. They explained Math concepts with concrete real life examples. We are sure that the parents who walked into SRV International School's Math Expo 2019, walked out with a better understanding of several Math concepts.

Students of SRV International School exhibited their Art, Robotics and Science skills through the Trio Exhibition. As an expression of our togetherness and teamwork, the Art exhibition was inaugurated by the Office Assistant Mr.Jayavadhan and nannies. The Science and Robotics exhibitions were inaugurated by parents. It was a spell-binding exhibit of their understanding of Science concepts through working models, still models and science experiments. Students expressed their knowledge of Robotics through various demonstrations. There were eager visitors to the art exhibition which was also a sale. Parents expressed a great interest in purchasing the art works of students to appreciate and encourage them. It is noteworthy that the amount collected is to be used for a good cause.


We take pride in the work of our students and are excited about exhibiting it. We celebrate our learning with the parents through the Joy of Learning. Students take time to share their learning journey with their parents and hence about how the learning has impacted them. It is indeed a celebration that helps the parents and teachers witness the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.