How SRVIS Works

Student Life at SRVIS

Teaching learning

We proudly claim to incorporate fun in the learning process. We strongly preach and practise about constructing knowledge through opportunities that support multiple intelligences. Learning happens inside and outside the classroom. We ensure that our learners visit places, refer books, reach out to people, and surf the web to building their personal theories. The concepts to explore are carefully chosen to ensure that they are timeless and boundless, enabling students to become lifelong learners.

Field Trips :

Field trips are opportunities for experiential learning where the learners can acquire the concepts through all their 5 modalities. The students at SRVIS are taken to visit various locations and interact with numerous people to research deeper and collect relevant information.

Guest Lectures :

SRVIS welcomes experts from the community to be a part of the learners learning engagements. Professionals from various walks of life and from an array of careers are invited to share crucial, relevant and cutting edge information that helps its audience to make deeper connections and link it further to the real world applications.

Investiture Ceremony :

“True leaders don’t create followers they create leaders”. SRVIS a leader in the field of education builds and nurtures the leaders of tomorrow by electing or choosing potential leaders who along with the other students strive to full fil our Vision and Mission.