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"In 1996, SRV embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of education by inaugurating its pioneering school. This establishment rapidly garnered unparalleled recognition for its remarkable role in nurturing numerous aspiring doctors and engineers in Tamil Nadu. Throughout history, great leaders have arisen when ordinary people strive for extraordinary change, and this very narrative finds its embodiment in N.S. Ganesh Babu - the visionary propelling force behind this remarkable endeavor. During his pursuit of a Commerce degree in New Delhi, he had a significant realization. He discerned that his conventional education had faltered in imparting the boldness and creativity indispensable for success in the real world. This epiphany set his thoughts racing about the potential redefinition of the education system for the better. Driven by this realization and fueled by his unwavering commitment to purposeful learning and a profound dedication to serve the local community, N.S. Ganesh Babu took the momentous leap in 2016 to establish SRV International School. With an an initial group of 60 students, the school commenced its journey, shaping young minds with its innovative approach."

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